<BasemapBlankWhite />

Blank white basemap option


# <BasemapBlankWhite map translations thumbnail layerTypeID onBasemapChanged />

Name Type Required Description Default
map object Yes reference to Openlayers map object
translations shape No Object with key/value pairs for translated strings
thumbnail string No A string containing an http url or data url to a thumbnail image ''
layerTypeID union No A unique string or symbol property name that will be set directly on the layer when it is created with a value containing a string identifying the type of basemap layer (e.g. '_ol_kit_basemap': 'osm'). This property should be a shared ID used to identify individual layers as 'basemap' layers. '_ol_kit_basemap'
onBasemapChanged func No A callback that is fired when the basemap layer has been changed. It is called with the updated layer. () => {}
  • 0.1.0

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