<LayerPanelPage />


# <LayerPanelPage children label tabIcon />

Name Type Required Description Default
children node No An array of components (likely a LayerPanelHeader, LayerPanelContent, or LayerPanelFooter)
label string No A string title of the page. Will be used as tab title.
tabIcon node No A @material-ui/icon. Check LayerPanelPage example.md for more clarification
  • 0.5.0

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If you want an easy way to add a second page use the LayerPanelPage component and give it an icon. We use @material-ui/icons most of the time, they work well. This gives you a second page that has it's own tab to toggle through. Or if you want a title for the tab you can pass a label string prop.

import { LayerPanel, LayerPanelPage, LayerPanelContent } from '@bayer/ol-kit'
import VpnKeyIcon from '@material-ui/icons/VpnKeyIcon'

return (
    <LayerPanelPage label={'Legends'} tabIcon={<VpnKeyIcon />}>
        Legends Page