<PopupDefaultPage />


# <PopupDefaultPage attributes children currentPage currentTab loading onClose onNextPage onPrevPage onSettingsClick pageCount title translations />

Name Type Required Description Default
attributes object No An object consisting of stringify-able key/value pairs {}
children node No An array of components rendered in the actions tab []
currentPage number No (passed by `PopupPageLayout`) The index of the currently shown page
currentTab number No The index of the selected tab 0
loading bool No Render the page with a loading indicator and no details or actions false
onClose func No A callback fired when the close button is clicked () => {}
onNextPage func No (passed by `PopupPageLayout`) Callback invoked when the next page should be shown
onPrevPage func No (passed by `PopupPageLayout`) Callback invoked when the previous page should be shown
onSettingsClick func No Set this callback to show settings cog
pageCount number No (passed by `PopupPageLayout`) Total number of pages
title union Yes The title shown centered in the top of the popup page
translations shape Yes Object with key/value pairs for translated strings

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