<Map />

A Reactified ol.Map wrapper component


# <Map children fullScreen logoPosition map onMapInit updateUrlDebounce updateUrlFromView updateViewFromUrl urlViewParam selectInteraction style translations />

Name Type Required Description Default
children union No any ol-kit children components will automatically be passed a reference to the map object via the `map` prop
fullScreen bool No if this is set to false, the map will fill it's parent container false
logoPosition string No place the ol-kit logo on the 'left', 'right', or set to 'none' to hide 'right'
map object No optionally pass a custom map null
onMapInit func No callback called with initialized map object after optional animations complete note: if a Promise is returned from this function, Map will wait for onMapInit to resolve before rendering children () => {}
updateUrlDebounce number No the length of debounce on map movements before the url gets updated 400
updateUrlFromView bool No add map location coords + zoom level to url as query params true
updateViewFromUrl bool No update map view based off the url param true
urlViewParam string No change the url param used to set the map location coords 'view'
selectInteraction object No an openlayers select interaction passed down to connected components - created internally if not passed as prop
style object No apply inline styles to the map container {}
translations object No object of string key/values (see: locales) function()
  • 0.1.0

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